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Community - Recreation Centres

Youth Pregnancy and Parenting Program

In Vancouver, young mothers can access medical and support services at Evergreen Community Health Centre. The benefit to the program is having all the services under one roof instead of having to visit multiple sites.

The West Program

Career and job search for Aboriginal peoples.

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society

Please call for more info. Some of the programs are House of Culture, Elders Speak Wisdom,  Infant Development Program, Recreation Program, Building Blocks Program, Young Parents Support Services, Recreation Program and an Information Referral Program. This electronic information kiosks holds current data on family needs programs in the Lower Mainland area. An outreach worker is also on site to provide assistance to those with unique needs.Tuesday Family Night 7:00 - 9:00 pm


Call in for hours. Alcohol and drug counselling services are available.

The Gathering Place Community Centre

Drop-in membership $1.00 per year. Pool Room ($5.00 membership per year), Card/Games Room, TV Room, Cafeteria with low cost meals, Arts and Crafts, Pottery and Photography programs, Fitness/Weight Room, a Learning Centre, Laundry and personal services. They have a youth worker and a volunteer program where people can work for 4 hours in most areas in the centre for meal tickets, arts and yoga.

Sunrise Family Drop-in @ Sunrise Community Hall

Call ahead or drop in for information. If you are inquiring about an upcoming case, make sure you have the criminal charge and the full name of the person charged. They can give you the date, time, and the place of the trial over the phone. If you are inquiring about the charges that are going to be laid against someone, ask for the prosecutor in charge approval. Provides information on upcoming cases and bail conditions, as well as information on the scheduling of upcoming trials.

St. Paul's Hospital

Renfrew Public Library

Lookout Emergency Aid Society is a non-profit, charitable organization, providing non-sectarian lay services to adult men and women who cope with a wide variety of challenges including mental illness, mental handicaps, medical problems, physical disabilities, social dysfunctions, substance abuse or - more frequently - a combination of issues.

Renfrew Park Community Centre

The centre provides a welcoming barrier-free environment for members of the community to access basic services such as laundry, showers, photo I.D., and long distance phone calls, as well as various programs, activities and classes. Our aim is to nurture a sense of belonging through providing opportunities for membership, and encouraging inclusion of members in a wide range of capacity building activities.

Ravensong Community Health Centre

Primary Care, Prevention Services for Youth, Needle Exchange, Counselling, Home Detox and Methadone Maintenance Program.Primary care and alcohol & drug counselling.

Mount Pleasant Community Centre

DERA is an organization of residents working towards improving the living conditions in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.DERA organizes around issues of concern to the community as well as providing housing, advocacy, and community support programs and services. DERA assists neighbourhood residents with welfare rights issues, pensions, Employment Insurance, and income tax preparation.DERA also provides information and assistance for those seeking accommodation in the neighbourhood, and advocacy in residential tenancy disputes.

Killarney Community Centre

Hours, meeting times and places vary. Please call to find our locations. A fellowship of cocaine addicts who meet to share experiences, talk and support one another.

Hastings Community Centre

Childcare provided for parents in the building.

Champlain Heights Community Centre

The FBCYICN is a provincial non-profit organization driven by youth in and from government care (ages 14-24 yrs). They provide peer support, education about the rights of youth in care, and systematic advocacy as well as assisting with the development of community abused local networks for youth in and from care. (Care includes social services, youth justice and mental health services).

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