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Take a Hike

Survivors of Incest Anonymous - (SIA)

Self help support group for women who are survivors of incest or childhood sexual abuse.

Sunrise Family Drop-in @ Sunrise Community Hall

Call ahead or drop in for information. If you are inquiring about an upcoming case, make sure you have the criminal charge and the full name of the person charged. They can give you the date, time, and the place of the trial over the phone. If you are inquiring about the charges that are going to be laid against someone, ask for the prosecutor in charge approval. Provides information on upcoming cases and bail conditions, as well as information on the scheduling of upcoming trials.

Sunrise East Program

Offers free, confidential telephone counselling for women with an unintended pregnancy. Provides decision-making counselling, referral support, and information about abortion services. Counselling services are non-judgmental and supportive of every option. Serves BC.


S.U.C.C.E.S.S. delivers service in five major areas: social services, employment services, business and economic services, training and education services, and health services.

Street Youth Job Action

SYJA provides work for street youth ages 24 and under  to work show up at SYJA at 8:00 am ready to work we pay $8.00/hour. Most jobs between 3-6 hours.

Street Nurses

Street Front Program

Provides people living on low incomes in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside with access to basic financial services. An account package is available for a flat fee of $5 per month, and includes cheque cashing, unlimited withdrawals, bill payments, money orders and ATM card access. Pigeon Park Savings also provides cheque-cashing services to non-members for flat fee of $2.99 per cheque.

Street Connect

Find a wide range of information for and about homeless and street-involved youths. Information includes summeries of current research, information and resources for youths on everything from health issues to artistic expression,  and links and resources for: policy makers, the public, healthcare providers and youth service providers.

Street Church

Helps cover costs depending on income.

Strathcona Public Library

Charlie's Food Bank provides pet food for low-income, people living outdoors and senior pet guardians. Offers: Free pet-food for dogs, cats, birds and small animals. Toys, treats, leashes, collars, litter, litter boxes and carriers. Information on behaviours, training, basic care and local animal by-laws. Free spay and neuters.

Strathcona Community Centre

Primary care, methadone, alcohol and drug counselling.

St. Paul's Hospital

St. Paul’s Advocacy Office

General Advocacy, referrals, information, welfare, EI, landlord/tenant, housing. No barriers or boundaries. Service is free.

Storefront Orientation Services (SOS)

Advocacy and outreach workers assist refugee claimants and refugees, mainly Chinese and Spanish-speaking, by processing immigration applications, interpreting, making referrals to legal aid and social services, and providing settlement information and referral. Educates and supports the Spanish-speaking gay community with respect to AIDS through health promotion. Member of Vancouver Refugee Services Alliance (VRSA).

Sto:lo Youth Healing Centre

The Sto:lo Youth Healing Centre is and eight bed co-ed facility. We provide a treatment program for aboriginal youth as a condition of their Probation Order. The term for treatment is 4 to 6 months depending on youth's progress.

Spirit Way - Helping Spirit Lodge Society

Transition Houses 24 hours, 7 days a week.A supportive and holistic long-term residential program for Aboriginal women and children. Housing is provided for up to 18 months. Our programs combine both culturally appropriate and mainstream methods of healing. We use holistic healing methods based on the First Nation's culture including cultural and spiritual ceremonies and teachings of the medicine wheel.

Spirit Lodge - Helping Spirit Lodge Society

Transition Houses 24 hours, 7 days a week. THE LODGE can provide you with: A safe place for you and your children. A home environment. Friendship and support from Aboriginal women who are non-judgmental caregivers.  An education awareness in regards to family violence prevention.Legal referrals and support for you and your children. Referrals for specialized counsellors: for example, sexual abuse. Referrals for specialized treatments: for example, drug and or alcohol addiction.



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