Parkside Lounge

Each day
They walk by me
Talk by me
Squawk by me
I remain silent
To the left
Of the path;
Cherishing pieces unfit
For human living.
Into a
Make shift shelter
Fit for a King.
- Carolyn Taylor


How nice it would be, to be a part of a community?

To live in harmony with the many homo sapiens of this world
Never to say a wrong word to the people you pass by
Not seeing colour or race, just a face
To be as you are, without an agenda
Free to care for one another, adapting in prosperity
Giving your Love in an embrace of compassion
Where we have the need of community
A place that is the basis of your existence
From a youngster and not that of a gangster
Growing with a greater sense of pride
While showing this in your every stride
The continuum of the community